Roll-On For Excessive Sweating

About us

Tower Health, the company behind Driclor and many other quality, well known, health related names, has an experience of over 15 years, researching, developing, producing and distributing natural health and pharmaceutical products. Tower Health is selling, advertising and distributing its products using its own registered pharmacy premises in Nottingham, but also on the internet, using an online shop and few more affiliation websites.

Tower Health built an immaculate reputation during the years, continuing to research and develop products that cover several medical fields, especially natural health sector. It has been advertised on ITV and has connection with the most reputable charity organizations, like Arthritis Care. It has been always driven by the best specialists in UK, coming from well known private hospitals and science institutes.

Driclor itself has a few years of development and counts among one of our best sellers, especially during the summer. It is based on an alluminum compound, that manages to create a special protection gel in the muscle tissue, preventing excessive sweating. It has to be used properly, more often at the beginning of your treatment, then infrequently to continue the protection required.

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