Roll-On For Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating: An annoying condition

Perspiration is a normal physiological phenomenon in the organism destined to maintain the organism temperature stable on thirty seven degrees; through the production of perspiration is eliminated the excess of heat. When this mechanism is altered, an excess if sweating is produced in some parts of the body and this disorder is known as hyperhidrosis.

It has been estimated that about three percent of the population is affected by this condition, and although this is not a condition that represents any risk for health, it can become a very annoying situation that affects the quality of life of the person affected.

People affected by hyperhidrosis usually produce more perspiration than normal people, even on days when the temperature is not too high. They produce even five times more sweating than the necessary to regulate the temperature of the body, the excess of sweating tends to stain clothing and shoes, and people with this condition usually have their hands wet, sometimes they need a tissue to clean up the sweating from their face. The zones of the body that are the most affected by this condition are armpits, plants of feet, palms of hands and forehead, which are the parts of the body with more concentration of sweating glands.

The problem can be present on men as in women, although the most interested on finding medical assistance are women. In some patients bacteria and funguses that are usually found on skin decompose perspiration and desquamated cells producing a disgusting smell which is known under name “bromhidrosis”.

Hyperhidrosis can be primary or secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis usually starts on childhood or adolescence; it is characterized for an exaggerated response of glands to stimulus that can originate sweating like emotional stress, heat or physical effort. Glands are normal but given genetic issues the nervous response that regulates the glandular secretion is exacerbated. Thirty or sixty percent of the cases present family history related to the condition. The excess of perspiration decreases during sleep time.

Secondary hyperhidrosis happens as a consequence of thyroid problems, obesity, and diabetes or during menopause. Armpit hyperhidrosis is the most frequent type of this condition; it covers about sixty percent of cases. Excessive perspiration on armpits is developed given the hyperactivity of sweating glands of this area and produces a “non-hygienic” sensation on the individual who has to change clothes at least three times per day.

The treatment with the help of Driclor besides stopping excessive perspiration, it provides security at a social, occupational and personal level improving in a great way the quality of life of a person. In the presence of excessive sweating, doctor must discard the possibility of hyperhidrosis of secondary order through the realization of clinical exams. Driclor has been especially formulated to ease the symptoms and signs of profuse perspiration and to restore the life quality of the person affected by hyperhidrosis. If the condition is treated correctly on time then the use of a surgical procedure can be prevented.

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