Roll-On For Excessive Sweating


The presence of excessive sweating makes the skin to be soaked at a level that sweat trespasses clothes, especially on the areas of armpits. If to this situation we add the fact that some patients consider sweating smell as disgusting, due to the decomposition of sweating and the remains of desquamated cells of skin for the action of bacteria and funguses that are contaminating the area, this situation is known as bromhidrosis and it is easy to imagine the social problem it implicates by means of altering the personal appearance of the individual.

On the other hand on the affected zones of the skin a pinkish coloration emerges and in more severe cases, especially on feet the skin acquires a softened and macerated appearance where a peeling, cracking and infections can emerge given the presence of bacteria and funguses. At the time that you start experiencing a profuse sweating without an apparent cause and any of the symptoms mentioned previously, then you should start at once the treatment provided by Driclor.

The preferred treatment for the hyperhidrosis is a deodorant with a formulation based on aluminum chloride, which is the active principle of the formulation of Driclor. Although there are a variety of products offering the solution for this problem, Driclor has proven to be highly effective on the treatment of hyperhidrosis, since it has the most powerful formula, the concentration of aluminum chloride on its formula is of twenty percent which ensures a drying effect, the higher the concentration of the active element, the longest the duration of the effect of the deodorant, hence the effectiveness of Driclor. The most important is to prevent the contact of the skin after the application of the product with water, since the interaction of aluminum chloride and water produces the formation of the hydrochloric acid which irritates skin.

General indications for the use of Driclor

  • Make sure of having the affected areas completely dried before using Driclor, do not use the product over wounds or over irritated portions of skin;
  • Do not expose to water your skin or take a bath before and after using the product, wait at least one hour after having a bath before applying the product on affected areas;
  • Do not shave your armpits or use a shaving cream on them twenty four hours before applying Driclor on them;
  • Apply Driclor on your skin at night right before going to sleep when you get to feel completely relaxed (this is important because any type of stress or nervousness can trigger excessive sweating again);
  • At the next morning, clean up carefully the areas where the product was applied with some water and then dry them very well. Do not apply again Driclor on your skin before night time;
  • In the beginning you should apply Driclor every night until you get to see if sweating stops all over the day. After that you can reduce the frequency of use to twice per week.

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