Roll-On For Excessive Sweating

The best treatment for hyperhidrosis: Driclor

The excess of sweating, localized and generalized in certain regions, mainly on hands, armpits, face, inguinal regions and the plant of feet (although some other areas can also be affected by this condition such as the trunk and thighs) constitutes a frequent disorder that produces important annoyances to people affected by it and even it favors the emergence of skin infections caused by funguses and bacteria.

In the search of clarification about the subject, a variety of researches have been made by dermatologists and specialists on the field. The cause of this disorder still remains unknown for science, but what is clear is that this is related to an excess of activity of the sympathetic nervous system (in charge of body perspiration), which means by the involuntary part of the nervous system, the one that we cannot control. In about forty percent of the cases, according to official reports, other members of the family of the individual are also affected by hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis of primary and secondary order present similar characteristics in what is referent to symptoms and signs. They are characterized for the excess of sweating and humidity on skin localized or generalized. Hyperhidrosis of primary order is the one without an apparent cause and generally it responds to habitual treatments like the one provided by Driclor, while the hyperhidrosis of secondary type is usually associated to an underlying medical condition like chronic infections, diabetes and hyperthyroidism among others; therefore it turns out to be essential the control of these conditions in order to improve the manifestation of sweating on the hyperhidrosis of secondary order.

Depending on the severity of hyperhidrosis, the profuse sweating can even get to leaking, which as a logical conclusion includes social and working preoccupations for who are affected by this condition. It has been found that hyperhidrosis constitutes an organic alteration more than a psychological disorder, although stimulus like fear, anxiety or stress can have a great incidence on the increment of sweating.

Among the diagnostic criteria for the identification of hyperhidrosis, we can find the following:

  • The presence of profuse sweating localized on plants, palms, armpits and face of about six months of duration without an apparent cause accompanied by one of the characteristics listed further;
  • Bilateral sweating and with relative symmetry;
  • At least one episode of hyper-sweating per week;
  • Difficulty on daily activities as a result of perspiration;
  • Age of start of sweating less than twenty five years old;
  • Family history of hyperhidrosis;
  • Absence of sweating during sleep time.

Driclor is a unique formula that provides a lasting protection against sweating and smell and it is very effective from the beginning of the treatment. Driclor acts over the sweating gland in a way that it allows the perspiration but preventing the formation of moisture (sweating). The patented formula of Driclor gets the reduction of sixty five percent of sweating. The efficiency of Driclor is on the presence of its active ingredient which is Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate.

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